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Valuta Friese Klok Fournituren
Luitzen Tasma

Hoofdweg 52

For 7 generations, craftmanship since 1750

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Registered at the chamber of commerce
number: 01076567

Frisian clocks - Frisian clock repair material
We are the only manufacturer and wholesale company of original Frisian clocks parts in the world and supply all parts for restoring antique clocks as well as for building new Frisian clocks. Besides our specialty Frisian Clock parts we supply Hermle movements, clock keys, clock oil, books, RW77 etc.. We send clock repair material worldwide.

Explanation Catalog
The catalog consits of 2 pages, 1 with all Frisian clockparts and 1 with all other parts, it is in the Dutch language, click on the pictures to enlarge for details, complete the required quantity in the white boxes behind each article. For your name and adrress scroll down the page and click "submit".

Friesische Uhren - Ersatzteile für Friesische Uhren
Wir sind der einzige Hersteller und Großhandelsunternehmen von Originalteilen für die Friesische Uhren der Welt und liefern alle Ersazteile für die Wiederherstellung von antike Uhren sowie für den Bau neuer Friesische Uhren. Wir senden Reparaturmaterial weltweit.

Erklärung Katalog
Der Katalog ist in der Niederländischen Sprache, klick auf die Bilder zum vergrößern. Geben Sie die gewünschte Menge in den weißen Kästen hinter jedem Artikel ein. Für Ihren Namen und adresse nach unten scrollen und auf "Verzenden (submit)" klicken.

Delivery Conditions
The ordered parts have to be paid in advance.
payment is possible with paypal, cash or by bank, after ordering you get a mail.
The ordered clockparts will be send within 2 working days after receiving your payment.

Ordering Clockparts :

   There are 2 separate catalogs :

* our webshop with Frisian clockparts and

* our new webshop with parts for other clocks

* or send an e-mail tasma@valutaklokken.nl

Valuta Friese klok Fournituren
Registered at the chamber of commerce number: 01076567
VAT number : NL.0015.33.619.B.20

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depending on
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All prices in the catalog are inclusiv Dutch VAT.
If you are a professional costomer within the EU and ordering from the
amount of 75,- euro, please supply your VAT nr, in that case no VAT will be charged.
All orders from outside the EU are also being delivered without VAT.

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